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The Big Picture

Biodiversity in New Zealand

:: What Is Biodiversity?

:: Why We Value Biodiversity

:: Current State

What We're Doing

:: International Context

:: The NZBS Strategy

:: Funded Programmes

:: Who's Involved

:: Achievements

Our Land & Freshwater

NZBS Programmes

:: On Private Land

:: On Conservation Land

:: Biosecurity

:: Matauranga Maori

Our Seas

Marine Biodiversity

:: Research Programmes

:: Marine Protected Areas

:: Managing Impacts at a Regional Level

Marine Biosecurity

:: Marine Pests

:: Research Programmes

:: Biosecurity Management

:: How to Help Us

:: Border Requirements

Biodiversity References

Key New Zealand Laws and Regulations

National Accords and Agreements

International Agreements and Institutions

Environments of New Zealand

Plants and Animals

:: Names and Descriptions

:: Collections

:: Field Survey Data, Report Forms and Metadata

Threat Classifications


:: Ecological Management

:: Policy and Planning

:: Information Management

Boundaries and Place Names

Spatial Information Platforms

Discussion Groups

Journals and Books


Get Involved

How to Help

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:: Coming Back to NZ

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Discover our Biodiversity

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