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The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s (MAF) biosecurity work – managing and responding to the global threat posed by invasive species – is central to many aspects of biodiversity protection.

Biosecurity and biodiversity are in many ways two sides to the same coin – a successful outcome for biosecurity is a successful outcome for biodiversity. This is a key theme of the New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy (NZBS).

A major driver for the future of the success of New Zealand's biosecurity systems will be the implementation and ongoing development of a national biosecurity strategy. The compelling need for this forward-looking strategy was identified by and funded by the NZBS.

MAF has supported this initiative through support for the biosecurity strategy development team and assisting with the co-ordination responsibility which is being carried out by the Biosecurity Council.

The other key programme being implemented through and aligned with the Biodversity Strategy at MAF is the creation of an Indigenous Flora and Fauna team within MAF Biosecurity. This team is ensuring that biosecurity issues relating to native plants and animals are considered alongside those of the agricultural sector.

Along with these two initiatives MAF has long been working beyond the farm gate, towards compatible goals of sustainability, protection of our environment and keeping New Zealand as free of exotic pests and diseases as possible.

Roles are constantly being adjusted or created, such as response and surveillance for exotic environmental pests and work to establish exotic animal response (EAR) standards. MAF Policy also makes a range of contributions to ensuring biological diversity is a shared priority.

For more information, see the MAF website.

Specially trained beagles are used at Auckland International Airport. Photo: MAF
Specially trained beagles are used at Auckland International Airport to detect biosecurity incursions.

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